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Google AdWords and Youtube video campaigns now integrated into AdWords

Google AdWords Management Company Services has announced an update of its AdWords interface TrueView video campaigns will now be fully integrated. Once the update is completed No need to go to the “All video campaigns” tab.

The big news in this update is the unified ad format: video ad campaigns announcements and groups are now built on the same model as the campaigns of Search, Display and Shopping. Targeting groups of video campaigns will disappear and will be automatically converted into ad groups. Thus, the advanced AdWords features are available for video campaigns, and access to new features and updates to AdWords will be faster than before them.

If you manage video via AdWords campaigns, you probably had this message to your AdWords account when you access the tab “All video campaigns”
Adwords Unified Interface – Update Notification
The update of your account is very fast, and will take less than 5 minutes. You can start the update now, and all accounts under the old interface will be automatically updated as of 12 October 2015. There is no impact on current statistics of your campaigns, you will find them directly in “All campaigns lines’ tab with your other campaigns of Search, Display or Shopping. It will be now possible to sort video campaigns via the selection tool:

Type Selection Adwords PPC campaign

Another novelty after the update, the appearance of two tabs:
– Video Tab: you will find all the statistics of performance videos, including the frame rate, with details of the quartiles, the interaction rate, conversion statistics, the acquired shares (Share, Like, Add the playlist), etc …
– Tab Targeting Video: on the same principle as the Display Network tab, find all the statistics of targeting parameters videos campaigns:

Video Targeting tab adwords shall be able to apply changes grouped several ad groups in your video campaigns and to use the Automate menu and automatic rules, for example, pause ad groups Max CPC or change multiple ad groups at once.
Finally, the association your YouTube and AdWords accounts can be managed directly from the “Associated Accounts” section in the Account Settings in the top right of your AdWords interface. You will therefore be possible to manage remarketing video directly from the shared library AdWords.

For more information on this update, find here the Google PPC company video presentation (English subtitled):

Do not hesitate to contact a member of the Ad‘s up team directly for more information on this update and the implication for your video campaigns.