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Google AdWords Statistics 2018

Google AdWords Statistics For 2018 That Will Increase Your Campaign’s ROI

In 2018, Google AdWords will continue to be a good investment for businesses that know how to take advantage of existing statistics to plan profitable PPC campaigns.

Reduce Checkout Friction

Consumers who are ready to buy, evidenced by their keyword choices, click on paid ads 65 percent of the time, while selecting an organic result only 35 percent of the time (1). This is where the cost per conversion is the lowest, so to keep your ROI high; offer detailed information about the product, the estimated shipping cost and use a prominent Buy it Now button on the landing page to capture the sale immediately. People want an easy transaction that does not require them to provide unnecessary information.

How To Increase Your PPC ROI Like A Professional

On average, for every dollar in AdWords spending, businesses see two dollars in revenue(2). If you are not finding using AdWords profitable, or you don’t know if it is profitable, link your AdWords campaign with your Google Analytics and then set it up to track conversions. Optimize your campaign keywords and landing pages to improve conversions. You can learn from the success stories of others that Google AdWords provides in their AdWords Help Center. If you feel overwhelmed with vast amounts of data, request a free, no obligation PPC audit from a PPC management firm that offers this service.

Don’t Pay for Wasted Clicks

Machine learning is enabling Google to reliably understand the meaning of close variants in AdWords’ keywords (3). In exact match keywords, word order and the inclusion or exclusion of function words will not matter as long as the searcher’s intent remains the same. It will be up to you now to be diligent about exclude phrases where word order completely changes the meaning or you may pay for wasted clicks.

Optimize Landing Pages for Mobile

Imagine working hard to design the perfect PPC campaign and realizing that you are not getting any conversions from mobile visitors. An interesting stat to keep in mind for 2018; 63 percent of mobile clickers will not wait for more than three seconds to fully load (4). They click; you pay. People are not going to waste their valuable data waiting for your slow loading site. Make sure the landing page associated with a PPC ad loads lightening fast. Google offers a mobile-friendly test and their PageSpeed Insights tool so that you can test your landing page’s load speed and fix any issues so that your site appeals to mobile shoppers.

Google’s Advice Really Works

Google earns 96 percent of their income from AdWords advertisers (5), therefore, they have a vested interest in advertisers creating and managing profitable PPC campaigns. To help advertisers, Google offers a wealth of tutorials, tools and resources for you to maximize your ROI. Videos on YouTube and an active community of AdWords advertisers offer tips to create a lucrative PPC campaign.

To get the most out of your PPC campaign, keep up with the latest Google Adwords statistics for 2018. Expect a new AdWords Dashboard in 2018, with easier navigation and improved data visualization so you can analyze and optimize your campaign more efficiently.

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